Basser Research Center for BRCA

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Information on grants, funding opportunities and seminars

The Basser Research Center for BRCA provides grant funding opportunities for researchers working on BRCA1 and BRCA2 related projects and awards an annual global prize honoring highly influential work in BRCA1/2. In addition, the Center holds monthly noon seminars on BRCA1/2 related topics and hosts an annual BRCA1/2 symposium.


Reflecting the Center's mission to use cutting edge research in basic and clinical sciences to advance the care of individuals living with BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations, the Basser Research Center provides annual funding opportunities. Studies must be related to BRCA1/2 but range from basic science, to clinical/translational research. Collaborative projects are strongly encouraged. Please note, the science must have relevance to the study of BRCA1/2 to be considered.

Basser Global Prize

The Basser Global Prize has been established to honor a visionary scientist who has conceptually advanced BRCA1/2 related research that has led to improvements in clinical care. The prize will be considered for a broad range of basic, translational and clinical cancer researchers worldwide. The Awardee will give the Keynote address at the annual Basser Research Center for BRCA Symposium the following year.

Monthly Basser Research Center for BRCA Seminar

The Basser Research Center for BRCA sponsors a noon lunch seminar the first Friday of each month to encourage cross-disciplinary conversation and collaboration among researchers. Each seminar features lectures by Penn or guest investigators working on BRCA1/2 related studies. Investigators present projects ranging from basic science studies and clinical research, to work on outreach, risk assessment, and communication.

Basser Symposium

The Basser Center sponsors an annual symposium which began with the April 2013 "Recent Advances in Breast and Ovarian Cancer Genetics" event. The 2014 symposium will feature BRCA experts from around the world and will cover recent advances and future directions in BRCA research and clinical management of carriers. At the Basser symposium, the Basser Global Prize winner presents the keynote address.

Basser Scientific Symposium

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