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Douglas L. Fraker, MD

Degree and Institution

MD, Harvard Medical School, 1983

Faculty Title

Jonathan E Rhoads Associate Professor, Surgery (Surgical Oncology)

Administrative Title

Chief, Surgical Oncology

Abramson Cancer Center Title

Deputy Director of Clinical Services & Programs
Chair, Clinical Trials Scientific Review and Monitoring Committee


Department of Surgery (Patient)
Department of Surgery (Academic)

Clinical Expertise

Melanoma, with special expertise in isolated limb perfusion; soft tissue sarcomas of extremities and trunk; endocrine cancers, with special expertise in thyroid malignancies, pancreatic endocrine tumors, and adrenal cancer; liver malignancies

Research Expertise

Regional delivery of chemotherapy, immunotherapy and hypothermia using surgical techniques to: extremities for cutaneous melanoma and soft tissue sarcoma, liver for unresectable metastatic disease, and peritoneal cavity for carcinomatosis.

Cancer Programs
Gastrointestinal Cancer Program
» Surgery

Hematological Malignancies (Blood Cancer) Program
» Surgery

Center for Head and Neck Cancer
» Surgery

Melanoma Program
» Surgical Oncology

Surgery, University of California, San Francisco, 1986

Surgical Oncology, National Cancer Institute

Board Certifications


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Contact Information

Douglas L. Fraker
Office Phone: 215-662-7866
Fax: 215-662-3629

Carla Tolino-Pannaccio
Office Phone: 215-662-7866
Appointment Phone: 1-800-789-PENN (7366)

Associate Professor of Surgery and Chief of the Division of Surgical Oncology, Dr. Fraker is also Vice Chair of the Department of Surgery. A surgical oncologist and endocrine surgeon, Dr. Fraker served as a senior investigator at the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Frakers research efforts have focused on regional perfusion to treat melanoma and soft tissue sarcomas of the extremities and metatastic tumors of the liver. His clinical practice deals primarily with surgical oncology (including melanoma, sarcoma, liver tumors) and endocrine surgery of the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal and pancreas. His clinical research protocols include isolated limb perfusion for melanoma and sarcoma, intra arterial chemotherapy for liver tumors, photodynamic therapy for intra peritoneal disease, and lymph node mapping for melanoma and breast cancer. Dr. Fraker's research interests include mechanism of action of tumor necrosis factor, treatment strategy targeting tumor angiogenesis, regional gene therapy, and photodynamic therapy.

Dr. Fraker maintains special interest in the Treatment of primary and metastatic liver tumors by resection, radiofrequency thermal ablation, intra-arterial pump for chemotherapy; and sentinel lymph node mapping; treatment of melanoma with sentinel lymph node mapping and biopsy, and isolated limb perfusion; gastrointestinal cancers of the esophagus, stomach, colon and rectum; thyroid cancer; parathyroid disease; pancreatic islet cell tumors; carcinoid; adrenal tumors including laparoscopic adrenalectomy; gastrointestinal sarcomas; use of photodynarnic therapy for treatment of intraperitoneal malignancies (carcinomatosis and sarcomatosis, including ovarian cancer).