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Todd Sheridan

Todd Sheridan's family members have always supported his love of hockey and were his biggest fan when his team won the Junior A National Championship. They again showed their deep devotion by bringing him to Penn for the best possible cancer care. Todd's physician at Penn diagnosed cancer of the tongue and neck, which had spread to his lymph nodes. A possible side effect raised by his physicians was nerve damage in his right arm, limiting the motion in his arm. Gregory Weinstein, M.D., his surgeon at Penn, performed the detailed surgery and was able to avoid that outcome. Three weeks after surgery, Todd was not only doing push-ups, but was practicing with his hockey team in Ontario. But his journey didn't end there. As a survivor, Todd talks personally about how cancer has had an impact on his life and how he was able to combine his experience and passions to benefit his community.

It was really frightening to be diagnosed with cancer at such a young age. Thankfully my parents brought me to Penn, and within weeks I was playing hockey again with my team and hanging out with my friends and family. I want to thank the Abramsons for making this great cancer care possible, and for helping inspire me to create an organization, Saves for a Cure, that supports others as they go through their own cancer journey.

Saves for A Cure is a non-profit organization aimed to help children with their battle against cancer in the Rochester, New York area.

In my experiences with cancer, I have found three keys to fighting this disease. The first is SUPPORT. Every person going through this battle needs to know that they are not the only ones who have been in this situation and also that there are people outside of their families who are pulling for them every step of the way. The next key is SPIRIT. It is proven that a person who has the mental capacity to stay positive will have better results. Staying positive can help overcome the many unexpected side effects of treatment. The final and most important key is DETERMINATION. A patient needs to be willing to do anything needed to beat this disease. Saves for a Cure is determined to support those children with cancer in hopes to lift the spirits of some of the most courageous people you will ever meet.

Our goal is to help the children and show them, and their families, that there is life after cancer. We want to help in every way we can. With the money donated, we will make a difference in their lives and the battle they are going through. For more information, please visit


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