Penn Medicine and Penn Vet Team Up to Test New Lung Cancer Fighting Technology

November 7, 2011


New technology developed and being tested at Penn Medicine could one day change the way cancer is treated. Doctors say the most important factor in surviving lung cancer is getting all of the cancer out during surgery. Often times some gets missed, but a new technology could change that. Penn researchers have a $7-million NIH grant to test the new technology, developed by Sunil Singhal, MD, director, Thoracic Surgery Research Laboratory. Dr. Singhal tells 6ABC that currently, surgeons only have their eyes, hands and intuition to help them cut out cancer, but he says a new infrared camera, used with special dye, gives doctors a much clearer picture. "It can look at any spots in the chest that we opened to look for any cancer cells that may be left behind," he explained. Right now the new device is being tested in animal patients at Penn Vet and trials will begin in humans in the near future... Read More