Resources for Trainers

Breast cancer survivors deserve to work with fitness professionals and/or clinicians who will be sure they are appropriately evaluated and treated for any of the many arm and shoulder problems they may face before and after starting an upper body exercise program. This is consistent with the recently released exercise guidance for cancer survivors from the American College of Sports Medicine. The trainers who delivered the PAL intervention during the study went through 3 full days of training with Dr. Schmitz before working with any survivors. It is our dream that, someday, there will be trainers in communities across the United States who will be able to safely and effectively deliver the PAL intervention so that all 2.6 million breast cancer survivors can recover as much upper body function as is possible for them. However, this intervention delivery training is not something we can do for fitness professionals or clinicians on the phone or via email. If you are a fitness professional or clinician interested in learning how to safely and effectively deliver the PAL intervention to breast cancer survivors, please fill out the registration form below, we'll get back to you to discuss how to best meet your needs.

Thank you for understanding that we have survivors best interest in mind.

Physical Activity and Lymphedema